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The majority of transit operators and OEMs across the USA choose and trust Amerex fire detection and suppression. Amerex vehicle systems are fully independently tested and we are proud to have achieved the FM Global approval, the international UNEC Regulation 107 (R107) and achieved a perfect score in SP institutes P Mark testing.

Our systems have proven reliability in the field and are currently chosen by mass transit authorities worldwide and even various militaries.

Now you do not have to compromise when choosing the right protection for your customers and drivers.

The Amerex Advantage - Suppression Agent Options

We know that all transit buses are not the same, so we offer different suppression agent options to protect your fleet needs.

  • Dry Agent Systems - provide the fastest fire knockdown as well as getting into those hard to reach areas where fire may hide.
  • Novec 1230TM Systems - a clean agent with no clean up required after discharge.

The Amerex Advantage - Control Panel Options

17 Series Panel

Features of the 17 Series panel

  • Two detection zones and one releasing zone
  • 24 hour battery backup protection
  • Diagnostic flash code for easy trouble- shooting
  • Programmable discharge and alarm relays

SafetyNet Panel

Features of the SafetyNet panel

  • Full network ability to add additional detection and releasing zones
  • 4000 event log - time and date
    stamped, down loadable log for easy troubleshooting and incident investigation
  • AMT—Automatic Maintenance Testing mode to significantly reduce maintenance time
  • Supports natural gas detection and infrared flame detectors for combination fire and natural gas detection systems
  • 24 hour battery backup protection

SMVS Panel

Features of the SMVS panel

  • Integrated manual release on panel
  • One hour battery backup if power is lost
  • Diagnostic flash code for easy trouble- shooting
  • Programmable discharge and alarm relays

The Amerex Advantage - Fire Detection Options

Linear Heat Detection

Linear Heat Detection cables have long been the industry standard and provide a continuous heat detection cable run inside the hazard area.

The Amerex Advantage has amped up the traditional cable with a more robust abrasion resistant outer jacket and factory installed connectors for reliability and ease of service.

The cable is also available with a stainless steel wire protective covering for extreme environments.

Spot Heat Detection

Spot Heat Detectors are available in three different preset temperature settings for flexibility and provide rapid heat detection and system activation.

Spot Heat Detectors have factory installed connectors for reliability and ease of installation and service.

Optical Flame Detector

The AMEREX Optical Flame Detector technology is the fastest responding flame detection in the industry, responding to fire within seconds.

Faster response time means less damage and less downtime. Amerex Optical Detectors “see” the fire by recognizing the light wavelength patterns given off by the hydrocarbon fire.

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