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Amerex vehicle fire suppression systems are for on-road and off-road vehicles found in the mass transit, mining, waste management, and forestry industries.

A majority of buses in the transit industry rely on Amerex vehicle systems as an important life safety measure, and our partners in the rugged mining, forestry and waste industries utilise our products to protect their employees and the valuable equipment they operate.

FM5320 Approved Vehicle Fire Suppression Systems

Fire destroys millions of pounds worth of plant and transit equipment every year. It causes manpower losses, decreased property value, and, in many cases, loss of human lives.

We are one of the world’s leading manufacturers of firefighting equipment, and recognised within the industry for the exceptional engineering, manufacturing and quality of all the equipment we make and install. Amerex can protect your equipment from fire with a Factory Mutual Global Laboratory FM5320 approved fire suppression system designed specifically for you.

Designed for the Toughest Work Environments

Amerex FM5320 approved Vehicle Fire Suppression Systems are designed with the toughest work environments in mind including; mining, aggregates, waste management, mass transit, forestry and ports.

Our systems are designed to warn the operator and suppress the fire, protecting both equipment and employees. The automatic systems suppresses the fire in its earliest stages, before it becomes fully established and spreads into highly combustible areas. As a result, damage is limited and equipment down time is held to a minimum.

An Amerex Vehicle Fire Suppression System will lower your fire risk, which can reduce your insurance premiums. Many insurance companies have recognised a reduction in claims paid out due to the presence of fire systems with independent testing and approvals, such as FM5320 and the SP Technical Institute P Mark certification.

A Dedicated Team to Support You

Amerex Fire International has a dedicated Vehicle System team to oversee every stage of the process and offer a flexible way of working that takes into consideration your needs.

Our team of in-house and nationwide distributor engineers are fully trained and located across the country giving local support to all mainland UK, allowing us to react to callouts quickly and minimise your down time.

Before we leave any installation, we ensure that you know how to operate the fire suppression system, provide you with an installation certificate, a quick reference owner’s manual and a 3 year warranty certificate.

We take extreme pride in our reputation for customer service. We are transparent in our work practices and methods and work in partnership with customers to ensure we provide a service that best suits them. It’s our personal touch and friendly approach which make our customers come back to us again and again.


Kodiak Fierce Vehicle Fire Protection

Quality without Compromise and Experienced Innovation

The best mining operations are uncompromising when it comes to the quality and reliability of their vehicles. At Amerex, we believe the same should be true when it comes to protecting those investments from debilitating fires and loss of production. With the experience of over 100,000 fire suppression systems sold, the Amerex vehicle fire suppression team has developed the most innovative fire suppression systems in the industry. The KODIAK Fire Suppression Systems provide Fast and Fierce Fire Protection.

The KODIAK Advantage - Stored Pressure Agent Cylinders

Vehicles are different, and so are the protection agent options. We know that all vehicle hazards are not the same, so we offer three different suppression agent options to protect your vehicle.

Dry Agent Systems - provide the fastest fire knockdown as well as getting into those hard to reach areas where fire may hide.

ICE Liquid Agent Chemical - Provides suppression and cooling of heated surfaces to help prevent a fire from reigniting.

Amerex Dry-ICE Systems - Combines the strengths of both agents and provides the best possible fire protection option by providing rapid fire knockdown with dry agent and the cooling effects of the ICE liquid agent system.

Dry Agent Cylinders

Dry Agent Cylinders

Dry ICE Cylinders

ICE Cylinders

ICE Liquid Agent Cylinders

ICE Liquid Agent Cylinders

The KODIAK Advantage - Control Panel Options

Features of the 17 Series panel

  • Two detection and one releasing zone
  • 24 hour protection with battery backup diagnostic flash code for easy troubleshooting
  • Programmable discharge and alarm relays

Features of the SafetyNet panel

  • Full network ability to add additional detection and releasing zones
  • 4000 event log - time and date stamped, down loadable log for easy troubleshooting and incident investigation
  • AMT—Automatic Maintenance Testing mode to significantly reduce maintenance time
  • Supports natural gas detection and infrared flame detectors for combination fire and natural gas detection systems

Features of the SA2Z panel

  • Two independent detection and releasing zones
  • Self contained battery power supply with no power drain on the vehicle
  • 100 event log with time and date stamped for easy troubleshooting and incident investigation
  • Integrated manual release on panel

The KODIAK Advantage - Fire Detection Options

Linear Heat Detection

Linear Heat Detection cables have long been the industry standard and provide a continuous heat detection cable run inside the hazard area. The Kodiak Advantage has amped up the traditional cable with a more robust abrasion resistant outer jacket and factory installed connectors for reliability and ease of service. The cable is also available with a stainless steel wire protective covering for extreme environments.

Spot Heat Detection

Spot Heat Detectors are available in three different preset temperature settings for flexibility and provide rapid heat detection and system activation. Spot Heat Detectors have factory installed connectors for reliability and ease of installation and service.

IR3 Infrared Detection

The Kodiak IR3 Infrared Detector is the fastest responding detector in the industry, responding to fire within seconds. Faster response means less damage and less downtime. IR3 detectors “see” the fire by recognizing the light wavelength patterns thrown off by the hydrocarbon fire.

The KODIAK Advantage - ICE Liquid Agent Systems

Kodiak Agent Cylinders

Kodiak Agent Cylinders

Kodiak Detection Network

Kodiak Detection Network

Kodiak ICE Nozzles

Kodiak ICE Nozzles

Amerex ICE suppression system

  • Amerex ICE System is an FM Approved, pre-engineered fire suppression and cooling system designed specifically for protection of vehicles
  • Each system uses vertical and horizontal stored pressure agent cylinders discharging ICE agent to predetermined nozzle flow rates
  • The ICE system works by blanketing liquid fuel surfaces preventing oxygen from combining with ignition sources and fuel
  • Each system provides cooling of heated surfaces to reduce the chances of a fire re-ignition
  • Each system can operate within temperature ranges from -40F to 120F (-40C to 49C)

The KODIAK Advantage - Dry-ICE Dual Agent Systems

17 Series Panel

17 Series Panel

High Flow Extinguisher

High Flow Extinguisher

Manual Actuator

Manual Actuator

Amerex Dry-ICE dual agent suppression system

  • Amerex Dry-ICE System provides the best possible fire protection option by combining the rapid knockdown power of dry agent with the cooling effect of ICE liquid agent
  • The dual agent is designed for simultaneous discharge or with a time delay between Dry and ICE release for an extended discharge for larger vehicles
  • The Dry-ICE system meets the dual agent requirement of NFPA 122 for hydraulic/diesel excavators with hydraulic systems larger than 150 gallons
Kodiak Engine Compartment

Kodiak Engine Compartment

Kodiak Cylinders

Kodiak Cylinders

Kodiak High Flow Extinguisher

Kodiak High Flow Extinguisher

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