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Class D Dry Powder

150 lb. Regulated Pressure Sodium Chloride and 250 Lb. Regulated Pressure Copper Powder

Two choices for large volume Class D (flammable metal) protection. Model 680 (Sodium Chloride) is effective on magnesium, sodium, potassium and sodium potassium alloy fires. Model 681 (Copper Powder) designed specifically for fighting difficult lithium fires. Well balanced for quick transport on 36" non-sparking rubber tread steel wheels. Both are pressurized with Argon and regulated to a low 125 psi to avoid disrupting the burning materials.


  • Stainless Steel Collars
  • Chrome Plated Brass Fill Caps
  • Brass Hose Fittings
  • Live Swivels on Discharge Valve
  • Heavy Duty Steel Cylinder, Carriage, Hose Rack
  • UL/ULC Bilingual (English/Spanish) Nameplates with Bar Code
  • Large instruction pictogram
  • OT/TC Argon Cylinder with Quick Opening Brass Valve
  • Brass Regulator
  • 6 Year Warranty

Wet Chemical Wheeled Extinguishers

Model 325R

Model 325R utilizes a Class "K" liquid agent that contains a special potassium acetate base formula. More efficient cooking appliances and use of vegetable based cooking oils require the use of extinguishers with greater fire fighting capacity and cooling effect to combat these very hot and difficult fires. This water based agent extinguisher also provides excellent capabilities for Class "A" hazards. The superior fire fighting capability of the Wet Chemical agent is placed exactly where you aim to minimize clean up.

A single wheeled extinguisher will protect a fryer containing up to 560 gallons of vegetable shortening and is intended only for appliance protection of large commercial deep fat fryers. The energy source to the appliance should be shut off as soon as conditions are safe to do so. Following the "INSTRUCTIONS" as shown on the nameplate, completely discharge the extinguisher onto the burning oil to allow cooling and prevent re-ignition. This extinguisher is not intended to take the place of a fixed fire suppression system for large commercial/industrial cooking operations. This extinguisher should only be used as supplemental fire protection in addition to a properly installed and designed automatic fire suppression system.


  • Stainless Steel Agent Cylinder
  • Chrome Plated Brass Fill Caps
  • Brass Hose Fittings
  • Live Swivels on Discharge Valve
  • Large instruction pictogram
  • DOT/TC Nitrogen Cylinder with Quick Opening Brass Valve
  • 36" x 6" Wheels with Rubber Treads
  • Stainless Steel Spray Nozzle
  • 5 Year Warranty

Novec 1230™ Wheeled Extinguisher

Model 775

3M™ NOVEC 1230™ Fire Protection Fluid has a Global Warming Potential of 1 and an atmospheric life of just 5 days making it the long term sustainable choice that also has the greatest margin of safety of any of the chemical agents in the marketplace today.

  • Environmentally friendly 3M™ Novec 1230™ Clean Agent (0 ODP – 1 GWP)
  • Brass, chrome-plated operating valve
  • 125 PSI operating pressure
  • Heavy duty steel cylinder, carriage and hose hanger assembly
  • DOT cylinders
  • Quick release 40-foot discharge hose with brass/chrome-plated ball type shut-off nozzle
  • Pressure gauge protected by a stainless steel gauge guard
  • Corrosion resistant lime/yellow polyurethane paint finish
  • Aluminum UL/ULC bilingual nameplates with bar codes
  • Large color-coded mylar instruction labels
  • Operating temperature range from -40° to +120° F
  • Six-year manufacturer’s warranty

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